Attorney-at-law Bulgaria

set up a company, debt collection, commercial and company law.

This web site is created for all these foreign individuals and companies, that may need legal help in relation with :

Their purchase of real estate or another property in Bulgaria;

Registration of companies in Bulgaria;

Representation for out-of-court settlement of disputes

And all kind of Assistance for their  varied activities in Bulgaria .

LAW FIRM – HRISTEV with their team of lawyers, specialized in different fields of Law, offer to our clients: accuracy, good results and appropriate legal fees.


Consultations related to transactions with real estates, including carrying out of document verification and verification of existence of real burdens;
Participation in negotiations, signing of contracts and representation before third parties;
Preparation of preliminary contracts and drafts for notary deed;
Preparation of contracts for assignment, design and construction supervision;

Preparation of contracts for execution of construction works


Assistance and representation for out-of-court settlement of disputes;
Defence, assistance and representation before the arbitration institutions in Republic of Bulgaria;

Initiation and representation under claims, guaranteed and protection proceedings before all court instances in the Republic of Bulgaria


Preparation of incorporation documents and registration of commercial companies, branches, trade representation offices, noncorporate companies, foundations and nonprofit associations for private and public benefit;
Consultations and preparation of documents, related with participation of foreign citizens in Bulgarian commercial companies;
Preparation of documents and assistance in the organization of General meetings and other important company meetings;
Preparation of provisional share certificates, equity participation certificates, keeping of registries of shareholders and books of shares respectively;
Preparation and consultations on management assignment agreements with members of the management bodies of commercial companies;
Preparation of statutes, incorporation deeds and other company by-laws, consultations and carrying out of subsequent amendments;
Preparation of minutes of resolutions of General Meetings, Boards of Directors as well as their current maintenance;
Preparation of preliminary schemes and the necessary documents and assistance in the proceedings, related with any transformations of commercial companies /merging, division, separation/;
Legal servicing related with liquidation and bankruptcy of commercial companies.